Musselwick Sands

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At low tide, a sheltered sandy beach, but beware, it is only accessible for an hour or two either side of low water and there is a risk of being cut off.

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Marloes Sands

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Almost 2 miles of sand at low tide, with an abundance of rock pools. Plenty of beach for a couple of hours either side of low tide, but very little by the time tide is full. Interesting geological features.

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St Brides

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Easily accessible beach at all tides, with some sand and plenty of rock pools. Often sheltered, there is a grassy picnic spot just above the beach, lime kilns, a small church and a pumping house to explore.

Accessibility: *****
The car park is adjacent to the beach, there is a good path to the picnic spot which has a full view of the beach, and there are various paths onto the beach which either slope gently or involve a few steps.

Distance on foot: 2 miles

Distance by car: 3.5 miles

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Places to go, with distances from Marloes village